Sense impressions – a wonderful nutrient

Greeting dear friends! May this be a new day, full of gifts for you. The name: Sun of Wisdom came to me one day when I was thinking of sharing more in English. In our chant before morning sitting meditation, there is a line: the sun of wisdom has now risen, shining in every direction. Awareness is a kind of light which when there is more concentration, gains strenght and brings about insight, thus the sun of wisdom arise.

When we invite our awareness to join our senses and the light of awareness shines on whatever we encounter, we invite the wonder of the moment to be revealed to us. When there is direct contact with our senses and the world, that is not tainted by our hopes and expectations, by our limited perceptions and views, a new world is available. It is already here! Heaven on Earth is available, can you see, hear, taste, smell and touch it?

This is a question and invitation you can bring with you into your day and into hearing me share more on this theme for 37 minutes in the video blog below.

If this inspires and benefits you, you are most welcome to share with friends and family about Sun of Wisdom.

In joy and love _()_ Jem / Chan Phap Ho

Published by jerker_jem_chanphapho

Startades av Jem (Chan Phap Ho) Fredriksson, våren 2020 med inspirationen att dela meditation och undervisning i medveten närvaro grundad i Thich Nhat Hanhs Plum Village tradition.

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